You’ve got mail!

Some of our residents are noticing that there are new mailboxes being put up –at last– in a few places. It’s part of a plan to move each building’s mail station to a safer spot. We’ve been seeing a significant increase in vandalism of our mailboxes, and while tampering with the US Mail is a felony, that doesn’t stop it from happening.
We’re moving the mailbox assemblies behind the security door, and in some cases into the hallways on the first floor. The letter carrier will have the ability to open the security door to make delivery.
We will be changing every building’s mailboxes eventually.

If you notice new mailboxes, watch for a note to pick up new keys.

Getting the word out -or- It’s News to me!

We try to keep our residents informed about the happenings here at CECA, but there’s always room for improvement. I’m not a big fan of taped sheets on the doors and windows, but it is better than nothing, I guess.

Anybody got a better idea? Should we place bulletin boards in each building, or one large outdoor board near the office? Would you read it?

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