Under New Management as of 12/1/2017

Good news, everyone!!  The Board of Directors has found a property management firm to come in and take over daily operations around this community!  The owners in our community will all soon be receiving a notification and introduction letter from Emerald Management and Consulting, LLC.  Look for it in your email and postal mail!!

Up to now, CECA’s Board of Directors were managing the property ourselves and in the past decade or so, we have proved that we would probably be better off with professionals at the helm.

Your board is made up of unpaid, part-time workers whose energy has been flagging under the daily burden of making calls to get bids, screening applicants, screening proposals, sorting out who needs to be paid, who needs to pay, when this work should be done, why it can’t be done, and so on.  These items each are not a problem when needed occasionally, but when combined into each day, it can be overwhelming to those who have to make decisions like that on their paid jobs and then switch gears and start over with this unpaid job.  And we don’t find many other owners wanting to become board members because they don’t have the energy, time, or interest in doing this work.

By employing Emerald Management and Consulting, LLC, we have effectively shifted the burden to professionals who have the knowledge and experience to handle it.  It will be their paid job to carry out the decisions the Board of Directors make each month – and to ensure the community continues to thrive even when the Board doesn’t make a decision or take action.

FYI – there are three positions open on the Board.  If you are interested in joining (and are a unit owner in our community), attend the next few meetings and bring your ideas with you.

Your Board of Directors,
Canyon Estates Condominium Association

November 2017 Board meeting rescheduled

Although several members of the Board did attend the regularly scheduled meeting on November 11th, along with several owners, a quorum was not achieved. With the consent of one of our two board members who had given notice that they would be unavailable for the November 1th meeting, and the consent of those board members who did attend, the president has postponed the November board meeting until Tuesday, 11/21/17 at 6:00 in the office.

Of particular interest to the board with be a motion to accept the
agreement for services offered by Emerald Management and Consulting.

All owners who desire to observe the meeting but did not have the opportunity to attend on the eleventh may wish to attend the upcoming meeting.