Parking rules

Owners and residents of Canyon Estates:

Refer to the Declaration sections 9 (Parking) and 10.2 (Use of Parking Spaces) and Canyon Estates Rules and Regulations, Item 4 A. (Vehicles, Parking).

Wow. That’s rude.

Nevertheless, you should understand that the parking lot is not a free-for-all area. There are rules. Here are some of them.

 Visitor parking is for visitors or employees of Canyon Estates only.
 No visitor may use the visitor parking area for more than 14 days.
 No resident is permitted to park in a visitor space.
 One numbered parking space is allocated to each unit. Rental parking spaces are available for residents with more than one car.
 All vehicles on the property must be moved at least once every thirty days unless the owner notifies the office and provides a key.
 All vehicles must be in running condition and properly licensed.
 No campers, boats, commercial trucks, RVs, small trailers, or step vans are allowed in the parking area.
 Any car, truck or other motor vehicle parked on or over a space striping, in a striped area, in a fire lane, in any area designated “no parking”, or in an unauthorized parking space will be subject to immediate towing without notice.