Behind the curtain

If you haven’t yet explored the management company’s web site, you’re in for a treat. But first things first. Every owner received (in the mail) a letter from Emerald Management & Consulting LLC with specific log-in details for the Canyon Estates owners’ portal. Every owner has a unique User ID and password. Board members have two — one as an owner, another as a board member. If you don’t have those details, you’ll need to contact Emerald. They’re open during regular business hours at 206-641-9631. Call them for this or any problem; they’ll take good care of you.

If you have your details at hand, you can use the information from their letter or just click the “Owners Login” link at our main page and you’ll be connected to the CECA entry point to the web pages Emerald has provided.

You’ll see this:

Welcome to the Canyon Estates Web Portal!

This web portal allows you review charges and payments on your account, make online payments, submit architectural requests, update your mailing address and contact information, and add/update renters’ information.

Click on the tabs above for the following: Account Detail: See all charges and payments on your account ledger.

Account Link: Link other units you own in this Association to one login.

Architecturals: Submit and review architectural change requests.

Compliance: Review and respond to compliance issues and violations.

e-Payment: Add/update bank information for auto payments or pay online by eCheck or credit card.

User Profile: Update your mailing address, add a contact, or add/update tenant information.

One of the many selections on that page is a service request :

Work Order Request or Update

There, you can report or request any service work that we need to do to the common areas.

There are several other selections there as well, so be sure to explore your choices.

Comments welcome by registered subscribers. See “Login” at HOUSEKEEPING. First-time comments are held for a moderator. Blog registration and Owners Portal do not share identity information. Separate login required.

Can you Buzz me now?

Building Ten’s door intercom has been restored.
Old external wiring has been replaced with new wire, run indoors. Apologies for the noise yesterday. Tested and found good.
As with all building door intercoms, tell your visitors to directly enter your door number, or they can scroll the list to find your name. Either way should work.