Perennial Parking Problems

You’ll see that we already have posted a reminder about our parking problems (over on the right column) and now, I want to review what our policy is, why we have it, and how we hope this enforcement will improve the overall use of the Visitors parking areas by all concerned. We’ve recently placed an information notice on the building doors or bulletin boards.

At the core of this program is the concept that the Visitors Parking Areas are for visitors, not for residents. These extra parking spaces are provided for the convenience of all residents, but not for use by the residents. We have some extra parking spaces available for rent by our residents who have more than one car. Remember, every owner is entitled by right of ownership to the exclusive use of one parking space.

We’ve been discussing how to regulate the misuse of the visitor’s parking areas (there are three) and have settled on the following procedure.

Distilled to its simplest form, it’s this: If you have a visitor, tell us about it.

Cars found in any visitor’s parking space are being recorded by make, model, plate and date seen. Once the procedure is invoked, the data will be compared with the information we have on file from your phone calls or in-person visits when you told us about your visitor–and all will be well if there’s a match.

When you have a visitor, come see us, or just call and tell us:

  • Who are you
  • You door number
  • Your call-back number
  • Your visitor’s car Make, Model and License Plate

To be fair to all, if your visitor’s car is seen for more than 14 days, you will need to either rent a space for them or have them park on the street.

As we begin to enforce our policy, cars seen in the visitor’s parking areas will be given the information notice under their windshield wiper, but the car will not removed from the space. In a while, we will warn repeated parkers of our policy and their risk. Eventually, we will remove cars parked in violation of the policy.

Let’s leave the visitor’s spaces for our visitors.

Parking rules

Owners and residents of Canyon Estates:

Refer to the Declaration sections 9 (Parking) and 10.2 (Use of Parking Spaces) and Canyon Estates Rules and Regulations, Item 4 A. (Vehicles, Parking).

Wow. That’s rude.

Nevertheless, you should understand that the parking lot is not a free-for-all area. There are rules. Here are some of them.

 Visitor parking is for visitors or employees of Canyon Estates only.
 No visitor may use the visitor parking area for more than 14 days.
 No resident is permitted to park in a visitor space.
 One numbered parking space is allocated to each unit. Rental parking spaces are available for residents with more than one car.
 All vehicles on the property must be moved at least once every thirty days unless the owner notifies the office and provides a key.
 All vehicles must be in running condition and properly licensed.
 No campers, boats, commercial trucks, RVs, small trailers, or step vans are allowed in the parking area.
 Any car, truck or other motor vehicle parked on or over a space striping, in a striped area, in a fire lane, in any area designated “no parking”, or in an unauthorized parking space will be subject to immediate towing without notice.