…and another thing! — The Owners Forum

Your volunteer board of directors meets with the management company regularly, typically it’s the fourth Tuesday evening of every month. We usually have a full meeting agenda, but there’s always room on our schedule for you owners to give us feedback and advice.

If it’s something very serious (and possibly lengthy) the best thing is to write down your concerns and present them via email several days before the meeting so we can read and digest your remarks beforehand. Otherwise we’ll attempt to give you several minutes to address the board, realizing that others may want to speak as well.

You may also voice your concerns by telephone directly to the management company, who will distribute the gist of your comments to the board members.

We have established a policy to address this matter, attached below. You’ll find it posted on the bulletin board in the office lobby as well as on the owners portal (separate login required).

The Association manager can be reached via email at Manager@CanyonEstatesCondo.com or by telephone at 206-641-9631.



The letter is available for download on the owners portal and here.