Making your voice heard

 Are you listening?

Sometimes it seems like no one hears what we say. The best way to make your concerns known is to call the Property Manager.

You’re welcome to mention your concerns to any member of the volunteer Board of Directors when you see us about, and we’ll pass your concerns on to the Property Manager (the PM), so you might as well call them first. Please remember that the Board makes decisions for the good of the Association, and the PM is the one we hired to take care of the campus. 

So, when you call Emerald Management– 206-641-9631 — ask to speak to or leave a message for the Canyon Estates Property Manager. You’ll be connected to the PM or an assistant in the office, or their voicemail. In any case, be prepared to leave your name and unit number and give a good call-back telephone. Tell them what’s on your mind. The more details you furnish, the better they can help.