Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We all Scream for Ice CreaXXXX National Night Out!

August 7 is the date for the 2018 National Night Out Against Crime

Each year, hundreds of Tukwila residents join their neighbors in celebrating an evening of fun (and ice cream while sending the message to criminals that they are not welcome in Tukwila!

NNO is an annual event celebrated across the U.S., Canada and military installations. The evening is set-aside for residents to come together to meet one another and share crime prevention tips…and Ice cream. Tukwila Police and Fire Departments as well as City Council members, Code Enforcement officers and Tukwila Human Services representatives will visit Canyon Estates during the evening. Come out and say hello!

Did I mention there will be ice cream?




In a condominium setting it seems there is always confusion as to who owns the responsibility for events which occur during daily operations.  In an effort to clarify these questions we have provided a brief summary of when, where, what, why and how to handle the unexpected challenges.

Q:  What is the role of a homeowner?

A:  As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your property at the highest possible level of repair, be courteous to your neighbors, adhere to the community by-laws, advise management of all maintenance issues/liability issues/by-law violations, and be an active participant in your Association.  This would include regularly attending meetings and paying assessments in a timely manner.

Q:  What is the role of the Board?

A:  The Board of Directors is the governing agent for the Association as a whole and therefore must act in accordance to the recorded condominium documents and by-laws.  It is not the responsibility of the Board of Directors to manage the community.  Issues which arise should be addressed with the Property Manager.  In the event a homeowner wishes to address a board member, this should be done in writing.  It is improper to call them at home or work or to knock on their door.

Q:  Who is the property management company, and what is their role ?

A:  The property management company is Emerald Management and Consulting, LLC. 

  • It is the responsibility of the Property Manager to handle the daily operations of the community.  However, it should be noted that condominium living is very different from apartment living, and as such, homeowners must keep the following items in mind:
  • The management company reports to and acts at the sole direction of the Board President.  While it strives to respond to each request made by homeowners, approval must be obtained from the Board President.  Please keep this in mind when requesting items such as replacing common area furnishings, landscaping, exterior/interior painting, etc.

(Note:  Put these requests in writing and forward them the Property Manger to be addressed by the Board.)

  • The management company is responsible for initiating all common area maintenance and repairs.  The Property Manager will walk the community periodically and direct maintenance personnel to address preventive maintenance and repair issues.
  • Homeowners who notice deficiencies should notify the Property Manager of the issues that come to their attention so that they may be addressed.
  • In the event an issue occurs which is beyond the control of management, such as city water line breaks, power outages, parking violations or security issues,  every attempt will be made to expedite the return to normalcy but ultimately we have no control of how quickly the situation is remedied.  With that said, the Property Manager will make every effort to keep all homeowners informed of the progress of mitigation.
  • The management company is responsible for handling the financial affairs of the Association.  This includes ensuring that all payables are handled in a timely manner, researching invoices to ensure accuracy, collecting all monthly association dues, aggressively collecting delinquent association dues, preparing monthly financial statements, preparing and submitting to the Board an annual operating budget and maintaining records for future reference.
  • The management company is responsible for keeping the Board informed of all issues which arise and acting in a manner as directed by the Board.
  • The management company is responsible for enforcing compliance with the community bylaws, notifying the Board of violations and taking action as deemed appropriate by the Board.  This may include violation notices to homeowners as well as assessment of fines.
  • The management company is responsible for obtaining bids for capital repairs and submitting them to the Board for approval.
  • The management company is responsible for preparing and delivering all homeowner notifications, attending and planning all association meetings and social functions.
  • The management company is responsible for responding to all life/safety and property damage emergencies.  However, for all emergencies, homeowners must call 911 first.  Please refer to the section below “Who to Call?


Who To Call?

Fire/Flood/Death in your home:

In the event there is a fire/flood/death in your home; please call 911 first.  Call the Property Manager by calling the management office phone number.  If the event occurs after normal business hours; please use the instructions provided for after hours emergencies.  The management staff will assist in securing your home and address any damage to the common areas.  Management is not responsible for repairs inside your unit but will be happy to assist you in locating a contractor to address your needs.

If a death occurs, it is not necessary to call the Property Manager unless foul play was involved.

Fire/Flood/Death in a Common Area:

In the event there is a fire/flood/death in a common area please call 911 first.  Call the Property Manager using the management office phone number.  If the event occurs after normal business hours; please use the instructions provided for after hours emergencies.

Personal Attach/Break-in/Vehicle Theft:

All criminal activity should be reported to 911 immediately.  Call the Property Manager using the management office phone number.  If the event occurs after normal business hours, please use the instructions provided for after hours emergencies.

Water/Sewage Back-up:

Contact the Property Manager who will direct the maintenance personnel to assess the problem and they will either repair or contact the proper authority if necessary.

Violation of Bylaws:

Contact the Property Manager who will investigate the situation and address it in accordance with the condominium documents.

Noise Complaints:

Per the condominium documents every homeowner is entitled to “quiet enjoyment” of their homes.  In an attempt to maintain harmony in the community we suggest that on the first occasion that homeowners attempt to work out the problem between themselves.  On the second occasion the Property Manager should be contacted who will send a noise complaint letter (your name is not disclosed), and if these attempts fail you may always call 911 and report it as a non-emergency.

Note:  In the event law enforcement is called, and a noise problem is noted there can be fines imposed per occurrence.

If you are planning a party notify your neighbors and ask that they let you know if the noise gets out of hand.  This will potentially keep problem from occurring.

Working together, the Board of Directors, homeowners, and the management company can make the Canyon Estates community a wonderful place to call home.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency (Fire/Police/Ambulance) 911
Tukwila City Offices 206-433-1800
Tukwila Police NON-EMERGENCY 206-241-2121
Canyon Estates Condo Assoc (CECA) on-site office 206-248-1243
CECA Property Manager (Emerald Mgmt & Cnsltng) 206-641-9631


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